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Who is Etath?

Etath is a wild and fearsome Elmandrian dragon and mated to NearToTheSky. It has been speculated that she (and NearToTheSky) can live forever. She has performed a number of miracles such as breaking computers in unexpected ways, occasionally displayed super human strength, and break things that should not be possible to break. She has also bestowed friendships and love over a great number of people, thus it is theorised that she may be an afrodisiac.

She is responsible for causing a number of social meeting places, events, and gatherings. Today the most known and recurring event is Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering, which anually gather dragons from all over the world in Norway to celebrate life itself. Norwegian Dragonkin Gathering may thus be the largest ceremony of Etathism in the world.

About Etathism

Etathism is a way of being, the one true path, the light at the end of the crazy, dark tunnel.

- Tysharina, High priestess of Etathism

Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things.

- Zyleeth, High priestess of Etathism

Etathism is an ever growing -ism that has members world wide. Currently Etathism has 2 high priests, 14 priests, and 70 confirmed members who are doing their part for making this world a better one for everyone. Etathism can not be explained in a simple way, just as life can not be explained easily, but here we are regardless and all we can do is to make the best out of it by being kind to us selves, our friends, their friends, neighbours, and to be respectful to everything living, and most importantly to show our love for everything that makes the world a better place.

What does Etathism stand for?

How do I join Etathism?

If you want to join Etathism you are likely already a member of Etathism, but you can confirm your membership by pressing the "Join now!" button below. Being a confirmed member of Etathism require nothing more of you than that you continue being yourself, unless you want to be someone else, and keep on being respectful and loving to all things living as best as you can.

Etathism also need priests who promote the good way of living life, so if you feel up for making this world a better one you may sign up for priesthood below. It is also possible to devote yourself fully and completely in living the good life and spreading love and joy in the world by becoming a high priest of Etathism. To do so you need to come in direct contact with the goddess of Etathism, which is easiest done by contacting @Etath on Telegram.

Regular membership

Simply click this button and you will be a longer-than-life time member of Etathism with all benefits the membership include, all of this is free of charge and no hidden expenses!


To become a priest of Etathism, please sign up with your name below to further enhance your power to spread love and joy in the world, completely free of charge and no hidden expenses. Priesthood comes with no obligations or requirements, except that you have to be the best person you can be.

How do I celebrate Etath Day?

Etathism's international holiday, Etath Day, is 22nd April. For unknown reasons it is commonly misspelt as "Earth Day". It is celebrated by showing our love for life, everything living, each others, everyone else, and love for Black tea, Green tea, Keemun tea, Yunnan tea, Oolong Tea, Matcha tea, Assam tea, Nilgiri tea, Masala tea, Genmaicha tea, Yellow tea, White tea, Pu-erh tea, Chai tea, Earl Grey tea, Lapsang souchong tea, English Breakfast tea, Irish Breakfast tea, Ceylon tea, Jasmine tea, and of course all types of chocolate.

Facts about Etathism

  • Etathism is NOT a cult.
  • Etathism is NOT a religion.
  • Etathism is a religion.
  • Etathism is free to join and free to quit (although chocolate is always accepted, real or virtual).
  • Etathism is not a tool.
  • Etathism is not political (but if it was it would be awesome).
  • Etathism is the light at the end of the crazy, dark tunnel.
  • Etath is the only permanent member of Etathism.
  • Etathism currently has 2 high priests and 14 priests.
  • Etathism is glue to incompatible beliefs.
  • Etathism is 20 % more awesome than other -isms.
  • Etathism got incompatible logic.
  • Etathism afterlife act as an enhancer to any other religious afterlife.
  • Etathism is the true path of salvation! Please ignore all those other ones (or not).
  • Etathism does not include batteries.
  • Etathism is proven to not make you more intelligent.
  • Etathism likely does not make you less intelligent.
  • Etathism er også tilgjengelig på norsk.
  • Etathism is 110 % free of drama.
  • Etathism may not be Fourier-transformed.
  • Etathism is backwards compatible.
  • Etathism does not have a sales license.
  • Etathism defies gravity.
  • Etathism is invisible.
  • Etathism is irrational.
  • Everyone can join Etathism.
  • Everyone can quit Etathism (except Etath).
  • Etathism is the solution to colonising new worlds.
  • Etathism is the tree falling in the forest.
  • Etathism will confound and disperse Jehovas witnesses.
  • Etathism does not contain drugs.
  • Etathism is cholesterol-free.
  • Etathism has provenly confused theologists.
  • Etathism has over 7 billion potential members, but currently only have 70 confirmed members.
  • Etathism can be combined with any belief, religion, cult, or organisation.
  • Etathism may contain traces of nuts.
  • Etathism is unorganised.
  • Etathism is lactose-free.
  • Etathism is amazingly inverted and utterly confusing.
  • Etathism is perfectly normal.
  • Etathism is part of a balanced breakfast.
  • Etathism is like a revelation of a long forgotten memory.